Sunday, July 5, 2015

Huang Ah Ma Late-Night Facial For A Better Tomorrow

Work's piling and tension's rising. Life is marathon and sometimes, we just think that we have to keep running at the same speed. But I suggest that you take a breather and go easy on rest days to get rejuvenated and recharged to start the day at full speed. You will soon turn into a '黄脸婆 Huang Lian Po' which literally translates as yellow-skinned auntie if you don't take the break you need and to rest and eat well to regain health. Have a coffee with your friends, go for a spa retreat or relaxing facials to ease all those tension away which will help you regulate your own breathing and prevents you from turning into an aging and pale-looking lady overnight. But if you found yourself turning in a Huang Lian Po Soon, I suggest that you should seek some help from Huang Ah Ma who works at The Oriental Spa Chamber. With years of experiences, she will be able to give you the best late-night facial you've ever had in your life to regain vigor and youth the very next day.

Okay, I was just kidding. There isn't going to be a granny named Huang who will be doing a late-night facial for me. It's just the name of this facial that was inspired by the Yao Tribe women found in the mountainous areas of Southwest and South China. These women are known for their longevity and great health which they owe to their unique bath concoction of natural herbs. The medicinal benefits of these special Yunnan herbs includes improving in blood circulation and detoxifying the body. And all this concoction of herbs is incorporated into Huang Ah Ma's Late-Night Facial, a 8-step facial and spa regimen that will improve the overall wellness of the body.

This late-night facial isn't your usual beauty facial with extraction. It is more therapeutic by nature and spa-like.

1) "Yao Yu” Foot Soak (瑶浴): It's a 10 minute warm foot bath that improves with the blood circulation. 

2) Back Massage: Oh, I totally needed that! After the long hours of standing and sitting at work...

3) Artemisia Herbs Detox and  Ear Candling : It was quite an experience trying out the Artemisia Herbs Detox and Ear Candling as I have never tried both treatments before. Let's start with the Artemisia Herbs Detox where the burning Artemisia Herbs are placed at my navel (stomach area) and I was kinda afraid that the heat would be so intense that my skin would start to burn but rest assured, that it isn't too hot. If it is, the therapist will make adjustment to the placement of the herbs to dissipate the heat. This step helps to detox and clear the meridian blockages which I strongly believe that my meridian points are opened as I felt more refresh and my stomach was less bloated than before. It's as if my blood and lymph is flowing smoothing in my body again after the blockages are removed. 

The ear candling was quite and intriguing experience because you will hear the crackling sound of the fire burning the ear candle. This facial was pretty eye-opening for me!

4) Facial Cleanse with Huang Ah Ma's products

5) Facial Enzyme Peel to remove dead skin cells

6) Musical Ball Face Massage : As the moving cold steel balls rolled over my face, it produces a tinkling sound which is very therapeutic, just like the sound of the Tibetan singing bowls. I wish the face massage was longer! 

7) Custom blended mask: As the mask was on my face, the therapists gave me a good head and scalp massage and I was already dozing off, entering Lala land. That night, I slept so soundly like a dead log.

8) Hand Meridian Massage: Just when I thought that all the massages were over, I was treated with another massage. I guess I can never get enough of massages!

If my boss would sent me to a late-night facial every friday night, I believe my work productivity would increase by a notch!

This treatment is recommended to be done from 7 pm onwards as this steps are put together to suit the skin's condition and temperature in the evening. However, do note that this treatment is not suitable for pregnant ladies and cancer patients due to the use of herbs.

Check out the beautiful and oriental interior style at Huang Ah Ma!

I am pretty sure this wouldn't be my last late-night facial at Huang Ah Ma. 

See you again, Huang Ah Ma!

This is a 90-minute treatment called ' The Imperial Night Beauty Secret Spa and Facial' which has an introductory price of $88 ( usual price $188). It is offered at Huang Ah Ma.

Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa
50 Mosque Street
Singapore 059528
Tel: +65 6536 1661

Opens from 11 am to 3 am.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hiruscar: Post-Acne Gel for Pimple Scars

If you are having breakouts, you can rely on pimple or acne creams to prevent and treat pimples but if it's too late and your pimple leaves you an acne scar, what are you suppose to do? Leave it or apply more acne cream on it? Here's a product which I was introduced about a month ago that specifically treats pimple scars and dark marks.


I do suffer from breakouts quite often these days and going for facial extractions sometimes would leave acne scars on my skin. Some scars heals quickly but some stayed on for months. Though it can be easily concealed with a concealer, I would not rather have them scarring my face.

Thus, when I was introduced to Hiruscar® Post Acne, it all seems too good to be true. It is actually Clinically proven 3-in-1 formulated gel base which helps to treat post acne scars and dark marks. With its unique formulation, Hiruscar Post Acne is clinically proven to treat sunken scars.

It is mentioned that this product could also help improves appearance of sunken scars, lightened dark marks and prevents acne recurrence if you use it for 2 to 3 times a day for at least a week.

First of all, it's gel-based which is non-comodegenic, alcohol-free and hypoallergenic. It's pretty fast-absorbing and it coulbe be used under makeup. Besides treating acne, it also contains Pionin (an anti-bacterial agent) to prevent acne.

What really made this product effective in treating scars is the presence of Allium Cepa that has an anti-inflammatory property that also helps to promote wound healing and reduce size of the scar by reducing scar tissue build-up.  It also contains MPS, a water binding molecule that helps to hydrate the skin and softens scar tissues that would overall, help speed up the scar healing process.

Verdict: It was a perfect product for my skin as it is a clear gel-based product and only a tiny amount is needed to be applied on the affected areas. It's not exactly potent so it needs to be used several times across a period of one week to notice any improvements. I've noticed the scar lightens by a shade and it mights my skin tone appears more even and I believe I need to continue using the product for another few more weeks before the acne scars heals.

So, can acne heals be healed? Yes, scars sometimes doesn't always remain where it once was.

Hiruscar Post-Acne Gel is available at all Watsons, Guardian, Unity and Independent Pharmacies stores and Polyclinics.

Retail Price: $22.90/10ml