Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I found My Soulmate On Tinder

I've been waiting to share my story with you guys and finally, I had the energy and time right now to pen down my heartfelt thoughts. This is one story that I hope to inspire and give hope to others about finding love. It's nothing tragic like contracting a disease or going through a tough period with constant struggles. It's just a period of time where you felt that constant emotional struggle in you of thinking when the One is going to appear in your life. If you are single right now, you totally know what I meant. 

I've been living in solitude like a pendulum swinging from side to side for the past 27 years, wondering when would I ever get pulled away by another magnet. At times, you will be wondering, 'What is wrong with me?' or ' If I haven't the love of my life, I am totally alright being single.' On those dejected days, I would go, 'OK. I am fated to be single and carefree for the rest of my life.'

And those who are already coupled up and standing on the 'I'm taken' island would be the ones that you envy the most. Rather than cradling jealousy of these lucky people, I would be the nosey one to ask them how they seek and found love. We learn from experience and learning from their precious experience will probably get me to somewhere. Although there were times I felt like giving up, I knew deeply that there is this 1% possibility of me meeting that special one because life is full of surprises. Indeed, it really is.

27 years is really a long time! When you past the mid-twenties, you would go like, 'That's it. Don't even think about meeting your prince charming. Your Prince charming has aged and went into hiding.' But you know what, I'm so glad that I didn't give up even with that glimmer of hope in me. All I knew was that I just can't be sitting on the couch, waiting for the knight of my life to arrive with a shining amour because even the ugly toads are not appearing for me to kiss them and transform them into a dashing Prince. I also didn't want to fill up my schedule with events and outings just so I won't feel lonely but instead, I decided that I should just try dating and meeting new people. 

It didn't quite work for me as I was introverted so I simply don't mix well with the crowd and I could never shine like a star and exude confidence in front of strangers especially. I totally lose out to those girls with screaming wild and interesting personalities who could easily capture the attention of any guy. So I figured that if I really want someone to know me better for who I am, I have to make the effort to step out of my comfort zone and taking the initiative to talk to others. But somehow fate is going against my flow, tempering my opportunities for meeting the opposite sex. I always ended up in all-female environment or paired up with females in group settings. And I don't think life is ever going to be exciting being surrounded by all females when I needed that punch of masculinity to make my life more balance. If only I could select the people that I would hang out with and I figured that my best bet is online dating apps. I know it seems treacherous because you wouldn't know if you are talking to a hot dude, Shrek or just a up-to-no-good bastard but it's one of the best ways to connect to people from all walks of life and what's best is that you get to select whom you want to connect with.

The selection process is the difficult part. I might be able to give some tips on choosing the good lad to talk to after going out on several dates using OKcupid and Tinder. But the basic rule to this online dating game is to get real. Although you are communicating with the person online, it is only REAL when you meet the person. So it is important not to rely too much on text messaging just as revealing too much about yourself even before meeting up. I can go on and go on it but let me dive straight into the essence of this best... I found my soulmate on Tinder! 

Friends have been asking how we met and sometimes, I felt a little embarrassed for disclosing that we met on Tinder because it isn't the usual way of meeting someone. It didn't even sound romantic at all. But I guess more importantly is what comes out of it. Whether it's through online dating app, matchmaking, friend recommendation or a romantic encounter, at the end of the day, I still met someone I love and cherish. And it's a bonus when you discovered that he or she is your soulmate.

Although our love was young and we are together for barely three months, I am sure that this man whom I trust is a life-long best friend and confidante. He was my first date on Tinder after I started using it early this year. He didn't came across to me as a guy that is even worth dating because he didn't quite fit my 'criteria' for guys (I've came to realize the danger for setting that criteria.) But fate somehow made us closer especially after our first-meet up. It was never easy-breezy because the attraction didn't seem as strong initially but spending time together has roughed out the edges and made the road between us smoother.

About a few weeks ago, when he shared an online article with me on love and relationship. I was more affirmed about my decision to be his girlfriend. Looking back, it was truly a miracle because it's a story I would have never dreamt of.

The article was titled '12 Sure Signs You've Met Your Soulmate'. Kudos to the writer who wrote and illustrate this because speaking from experience, I couldn't agree more with what was mentioned in the article. Good things are meant to be shared and here-forth, I'm unravelling this cool finding to all of you.

" “But how will I know who my Soulmate is?” Brida felt that this was one of the most important questions she had ever asked in her life. By taking risks’ she said to Brida. ‘ By risking failure, disappointment, disillusion, but never ceasing in you search for Love. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end.”

- Paulo Carlo, Brida

12 Sure Signs You've Met The One

1. It's easy.

It wasn't much of a difficult choice to make when he asked me to be his girlfriend. There weren't any loud objection from our families or friends too. I'm not sure about those struggling love stories in K-dramas because they are not real to begin with. Being with the right one should feel burden-less then the journey ahead the both of you would be a smooth and fruitful one.

Picture credit:

2. Time moves faster... but more happens?

Time shortens whenever I'm around with him and I just wish the day was longer so I could spend hours with him. It does felt like we've known each other for years after what we've been through within this short span of 2 months being together.

3. You worry about them more than yourself.

I worry whether if he is hungry or getting enough sleep. He is always on mind.

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4. Your mom, dad or best friend thinks they’re the one for you very early on.

This wasn't entirely true for our case as they felt that we were moving too fast but it did felt right. It is only now that they start to see how we fit together like a puzzle.

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5. Your chemistry is outrageous and so is your mutual respect.

I never knew I could be so comfortable with him right after we got together. And to me, when the chemistry is right, he would seem like your bestest friend on the planet because you can just be yourself whenever he is around. And because you loved each other, you want to show mutual respect for each other and it is important to establish the boundaries and rules in a relationship. 

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6. You’re obsessed with the way they smell.

He didn't smell exactly like shaven cologne only when he actually uses a perfume but his linger smell just comforts you as you know that he is right beside you.

7. You're best friends.

We can't stop talking to each other and talk about everything and anything under the sun.

8. You can have fun doing anything.

I never knew it was that much fun communicating in baby language with him.

9. You feel like the luckiest person alive for having them.

I felt really lucky to be his first and last (hopefully).

10. You can really be yourself around them.

Even if it means farting right infront of him...

11. You’re suddenly more scared of death because you don’t want to be without them.

Suddenly, life becomes so precious because I just didn't want to leave him.

12. You’re literally a piece of toast and butter.

When both comes together, it's heavenly-made delicious. 


You are my kaya forever, bae.

Adapted from 12 Sure Signs You've Met The one by Buzzfeed.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Philips Blender HR2160: It isn't ICE ICE baby...


My previous U-Like blender has served me well for the past 2 years. It was a mini blender that doesn't require much storage and perfect for making single serving meals. But after some time, the blender blades became blunt after blending smoothies after smoothies with ice cubes in it. It was still working but just not as efficient as it used to be. That's when I started to look out for better blender in the market. I wanted to invest in a superior blender like Blendtec or Vitamix blender initially but I am just not sure if it is really worth the investment if I am just making smoothies for myself. It would be awesome to own one of the superior blenders because they are high-speed and high-powered blenders that are able to crush an iPhone into pieces. 

However, after some consideration, I thought of settling for an affordable blender as long as it could crushed ice. I dive in straight to Courts to find out more about the various brands and models of blenders available in Singapore. During my first visit there, the salesperson recommended me Tefal blenders which were made in France and suggested that I go for blenders which are made out of glass because it is more suitable for crushing ice. I was going to purchase Tefal's Blendforce blender which costs me about $109 but I decided to wait a little longer for more promotions. 

One month later, on my second visit, I visited Courts again and this time, a female salesperson recommended that I should get the Philips Ice Blender HR2160 because it is very popular. It was only $89 then and I really thought it was a good deal but I have second thoughts about Philips product. No doubt I've used Philips juicer before and it was alright but I find that the quality of their mass-produced products are not that lasting. But I guess it's quite alright given its affordable pricing so I went ahead to purchase it.

Do note that there is another variation of this model where the blender jar is actually made out of plastic instead of glass.

To be really honest, I regretted getting this blender. Not that it was no good or anything, I just find that it isn't powerful enough to blend everything and the size of the blender jar is somewhat too big for the blades to fully blend everything. It's design could be further improved. 


It's 'ice' button function isn't that fantastic either. It could crushed ice but you don't get that fine snow-like or ice shavings type of ice texture. Instead, you get smaller chunks of crushed ice.

After reading the instructional booklet, I realized that this blender is only intended for blending fluids, mixing soft ingredients and pureeing cooked ingredients for cooking soup and making baby food. The ice button when pressed is actually similar power and intensity as the Max speed settings. I did felt like throwing eggs at the person in Courts who sold me this because I remembered her saying how this machine was powerful enough to crush ice that even drink stall owners bought this machine. It would be best to approach a more experienced sales person next time. Lesson learnt!

One tip for buying home and kitchen appliances is to get the latest model or version of the product as its design and functions would have been improved with the latest innovation and technology. It's really worth paying a little more for better quality.

I guess the only worth-mentioning feature of the Philips HR2160 blender is the speed setting knob that allows you to control the speed. The glass blender unit (attached to the bottom of the blender jar) is also detachable which made it so much easier for cleaning. It make a decent smoothie for me but after all for $89, what more can I expect right? I would think that the Tefal blendforce with the 6-blade function might be even better than this.


other features/remarks:

1.5 litre blender jar

variable speeds

600 watts

Released in 2012

2-year waranty

 It isn't ICE ICE baby... 

But hopefully it will last me for about a year or two before I get another new blender.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Laurier Ultra Gentle, Ultra Absorbant : Girl's BFF

There's one debatable inconvenience for being a girl on this planet.


It is literally like adding 'full-stop' in our lives when we felt that constant discomfort and emotional swings that put us in the doldrums. You heard about PMS but it isn't just mood swings. Sometimes we women do experienced skin irritations e.g. itchiness, stuffiness and redness during menses.  Such discomforts occur as the skin around intimate area becomes more sensitive during the time of the month.

What we needed to ease those discomforts is some love, support and comfort. Others rely on their comfort food like chocolates or a cup of warm herbal tea to ease menstrual cramps. Feminine products like comfy and absorbent sanitary pads could also lessen our inconvenience and discomforts.

And such sanitary pads could be so comfy that sometimes you wouldn't mind wearing them as pampers ... (Okay, just kidding!)


My preference for sanitary pads is those that are ultra thin, soft, more than 28 cm long and has wings. Such pads make me feel more secure like Laurier's Ultra Gentle pads. In fact, I've been a loyal fan of Laurier pads as they are usually more affordable and I am glad that recently they have been coming up with new variations of pads that serve women who menstruate even better! I not surprise that Laurier is one of the popular napkin brand's in Singapore as Laurier pads is the first dermatologically tested napkin in Singapore and it is also clinically proven to relieve skin irritations.


Some cool features of Laurier Ultra Gentle

1.  It provides ultimate comfort with its unique airy soft wavy surface which reduces skin contact, minimizing friction and skin irritations.

2. Its also extra breathable thus relieving stuffiness, moisture and itchiness.

3. It has a quick lock and dry system where its super absorbent layer locks in fluid quickly, reducing that wet sticky feeling.


I've never examine a sanitary pad so closely before I was writing this blog post and it is really interesting to know the technology behind the design of pads. Looking closely at the surface of Laurier Ultra Gentle pad, I noticed that the surface texture is different as compared to the general napkins. It felt super soft as I run my fingers through.

Verdict: 7/10

It doesn't disappoint me with its more absorbent and ultra gentle features but it is also quite on par with other brands of superior napkins. I just like the fact that it is thin and the pads hugs snugly to skin which prevent leaking. It would be good if they have various lengths ranging from 28 cm as 25 cm long pads are quite short for me and I would probably only wear them on days where I experience a light flow, which defeats the purpose of having to wear an ultra absorbent pad.

Visit htpp:// to find out more about napkin dermatitis and product information.

You can also redeem a free sample at Sample Store here from 29th May.

Currently, there is a special Kao 50th Anniversary Promotion for Laurier Ultra Gentle 25cm at $5.00 in the month of June too.

Laurier Ultra Gentle is retailed at $5.60 for a pack of 15 sanitary pads (25cm long). They have also launched new lengths of pads of 40 cm long.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mizuno Ekiden Run 2015 : We Run As One

Photo credit: Mizuno Ekiden 2015

This had to be my first marathon of the year as I kicked start with Mizuno Ekiden Run that happened last Saturday on 18 July 2015, at The Meadows in Gardens By The Bay. It wasn't just a solo run but a team run where a team of four is to complete a full marathon of 42.195 KM. It didn't take too long as I gather my good pal Wynne and fitness blogger friend, Tracy who pulled along her friend, Jia Hui to race as a team. Each of us would run approximately 10 KM each, taking turns to run across Gardens by The Bay and Marina Barrage. Instead of passing batons, we passed the sash from one runner to the next. What's so different about this run is that all of us are dependent on one another. This isn't just a solo game or thing but a game that involves teamwork and perseverance. Man, it was pretty stress!

Photo credit : Mizuno Ekiden 2015

Not forgetting the fact that Wynne and I failed to train for the marathon a day before. Should we have set aside some time for some training and morning runs, our timing could have been better. So I thought I still had the stamina to run since the last 10K I completed in December last year but I guess I was less competent this time round as I felt out of breath towards the last leg of the race. But to be really honest, this race was pretty challenging especially at the part where we ran up the slopes at Marina Barrage's roundabout. That was a killer because my speed took a dip.

There were many interesting fringe activities and booths selling Japanese food at the Japanese themed style Matsuri race village but we didn't get to enjoy much of it as some of our team mates were running. 

But I was glad that I didn't give up though there were some points where there are opportunities to 'cheat'. I continued running all the way non-stop even at the hydration points. 

When I reach the transition point to pass on the sash to our next runner, I was like 'FINALLY! I'M BACK!' 

I was assigned to be the second runner of the team.

The sun was beating down on us like crazy! It was so hot and I could feel my scalp was on fire literally. Wish I could fuel myself immediately with some fruits like bananas! But we were only given a pack of Weinder Energy Drink Jelly. It didn't go very well on my throat except that it is cooling to rub it against my face.

I managed to finish my race within 1hr 20 min which was my estimated timing. Now, I am more motivated to hit the target of 1 hr 10 minutes if possible.

We met Tracy and Jiahui at City Hall MRT to collect our medals! 

Check our specially-designed medals!

We went to fuel up our bodies with Viet sandwiches from Nam Nam!

Lemongrass tofu sandwich ...  all the way!

What SG50 Really Means To Me

What's with the red dot symbol and that SG50 hype?
What's the big deal about spending our fiftieth birthday as a nation?
It's just another big national day celebration on 9 of August I guess?
I thought it wasn't too selfish of me to think that way until...
I've watched the short animated film titled 'The Violin' by Ervin Han.
It isn't about what we have achieved within 50 years

It's what our forefather has done for us to build a better future for all.
For all those hardships and sacrifices they had gone through,
We will never be able to imagine the struggles and pain they had gone through.

Our forefathers, our heroes and leaders...
They do not owe us any rights to safeguard this country 
Nor to promise as a brighter future than tomorrow.
But they did.

They had no idea what's to come
But what holds true is the patriotism
and their love for Singapore.
They would be standing so proud 

Should they have revisited Singapore today.
And as a Singaporean and a resident here who spent all my life here,
I not only have to express my gratitude for them.

But also,
To make a promise that I will contribute back to our country
To love and honor our country
despite of whatever tough circumstances there maybe.
SG50 is a year we need to remember that hope and love brought forth by our ancestors
And how we should keep this love and traditions of our country alive again.
Changes are inevitable but love can remain pure and eternal.

This is what I am proud of as a Singaporean.

From a tiny nation of people who made great contributions to put our little red dot on the map.
It doesn't how small we are.
That's because we are tougher than steel 
and as hard as brass.

Together, we stay
'To pledge as one united people'
To continue building on to the legacies of our forefathers.

As Nation's Birthday is inching close, 
Take some time to think about what Singapore really means to you
and why we celebrate SG50.

We may have made mistakes along the way;
Dealing with our imperfections;
but don't forget the essence of being a Singaporean.
There's no other better word than 'perseverance'.

The Violin
by Ervin Han