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Yunomori Onsen & Spa : What to do At An Onsen - 7 Simple Steps

Been to Japan and visiting their onsens? Well, you can now enjoy the similar Japanese onsen experience here in Singapore with the new opening of Yunomori Onsen and Spa which is nestled in Kallang Wave Mall within Singapore Sports Hub.

It definitely sounded like a music to my ears when I heard about the opening of Yunomori Onsen. It just simply means that I don't have to travel all the way to Japan just to enjoy the health and beauty benefits of onsen when we already have one onsen here in Singapore!

And if you have not tried onsen, you should totally give it a try! Not only you will feel rejuvenated and relaxed after soaking in a warm bath, you will feel that your skin becomes so much smoother and softer have soaked in these mineralized warm baths.

You can call it the first authentic Japanese onsen in Singapore with the largest variety of baths. There's a total of 11 pools with 6 variations of baths and other facilities such as sauna, steam bath, massage and spa treatment rooms, shower area, dining cafe, lounge, locker facilities and luggage concierge service for travellers on the go. So if you are transiting here in Singapore and have a couple of hours to spare, you can alight at Stadium MRT station and hop on over on Yunomori for some 'onsen time'.


Yunomori = hot water in the forest

This is one forest where you can immerse yourself into the warm baths to rejuvenate your senses and enjoy massages all at one place. After feeling all relaxed, you can also head over to their cafe for a nourishing meal and drinks.

Yunomori first started out in Bangkok and it is renowned for its unique relaxation and rejuvenation experience of marrying both authentic Japanese onsen therapy and Thai spa treatments.These aquatic therapies are popular among the Thai locals too over in Bangkok too. 

The natural healing properties of mineral water and benefits of spa treatments boost health and wellness in each individual.


I was really glad to know that Yunomori uses Puri Alchemy's range of spa products which is one of Thailand's leading luxury spa and aromatherapy brands. They are 100% organic and chemical free. You can also purchase their body masks, scrubs, and massage oil at Yunomori if you happen to like using them.

Let's not wait any further and I am going to reveal some photos which I took during the media launch!


You will first notice this beautiful facade right at the entrance which welcomes you into to this zen-like spa that features a strong element of wood. I have a strong liking towards things made out of wood because it is very soothing and calming just by looking at the wooden material itself. 

On my first visit to an onsen, I was quite clueless as to what to do and what not to do in onsens. Because it is, after all, a public bath area, there are certain practices to follow which the Japanese people would practice. Likewise, such onsen mannerisms are practised here at Yunomori as well. It is  always done out of courtesy and in a respectful manner which is also part of the culture among Japanese people who values respect and courtesy.

After all, we all want to have a pleasant experience at an onsen, don't we?

So, here's a list of what to do when you enter the onsen at Yunomori and also the onsen etiquettes which you should take note of.

1) What to bring? Just yourself.

While I was in Japan, I tried the onsens which are housed at the hotel itself so usually the hotel will provide a set of yukata ( a casual form of kimono) and we would just put it on before entering the onsen. I would also bring along a large bath towel with me to the onsen if bath towels are not provided.

However, at Yumonori, everything is pretty much provided. Having that said, you do not have to bring anything special along with you except maybe, an open mind because you will need to get comfortable with being naked in the public bath.

And to get to Yunomori, you will have to walk all the way into the mall till you reach NTUC Xtra and take the escalator (next to a bakery) up from there to level 2. And that's the only escalator that will lead you up to the spa. There are also several signages that would provide directions to the spa so it is pretty easy to locate where it is.

2) Take off your shoes before entering and place them into the shoe lockers.


You would have to remove your shoes before entering and once you step foot on the wooden planks, you will instantly feel as if you are right at home, getting ready to get yourself soaked in a warm bath.

3) Get an individual wristbrand tag 


Head over to the counter to sign in and if you would like to try out their massage services, you can make an appointment with them in advance. They also offer foot reflexology too. This is also where you can make your payments.

I know you are already excited to know what the prices are like, right?

The entrance fee to Yunomori onsen is priced affordably at S$28+ (for children and seniors) and S$38 + (for adults). It gives you access to the onsen facilities for the entire day so you can take your time to try out the different baths, sauna, and steam room too.

 Basic bath amenities and lockers are provided too. However, if you would like to try their massage and other spa treatments, you would have to pay for the add-ons.  The onsen and spa packages start from $68 and above.

Onsen entrance fees

Adult - $38 ($40.66 with GST)
Children (15 years old and below) /Senior Citizens (65 years old and above) - $28 ($29.96 with GST)

Also, if you purchase any food at the Yunomori cafe, they will bill it through your wrist tag first so that you would only need to make payment once just before you leave the place.


These wristband tags are also used to open and lock your lockers in the changing rooms.

Do wear the wristband around your wrist at all times.


4) Putting on your yukata

Collect your yukata, towels and underwear at the counter in the changing room.

However, only a small towel is allowed inside the onsen.


There are posters placed inside the lockers which provided instructions on how to wear the yukata. The yukata at Yunomori are somewhat special in a sense that it is modified to make it easier for us to wear it properly.


The yukatas for females are beautifully designed!

You can enter the onsen fully naked but if you are not too comfortable about it, they actually provide special underwears for you to put on and you would have to wear it underneath the yukata.

After you put on the yukata, wrap the obi (slash) around the body to secure it. Make sure that you are all well-covered up.

You can put on your yukata if you would like to head out of the bath area to rest at the cafe or lounge while waiting for your spa treatment. However, if you are heading directly to the baths, then you probably want to undress and just head naked to the bath area which is connected to the changing room.


Ready to check out the baths?

5) Shower before dipping

Bring only a small towel along with you. Do also note that swimsuits or your own underwear are not allowed for hygiene purposes. Head over to the shower area to wash clean before entering the bath.


You will notice that there are stools for you to sit at the shower area. And it is designed this way so that you will be sitting down to shower which avoids splashing water to the person showering beside you.


Remember to tidy up space and keep all equipment cleans for the next person to use.

6) Taking a good bath

Yunomori offers 6 different types of baths which can be found at the male onsen. However, for the female onsen, there are only 5 different baths. Only the hot bath is not found in the female onsen because it is not recommended for us, females to soak in really hot baths.


You can soak in the baths starting from right where it is the soda spa where the water is only slightly warmer than our body temperature. As you move from one bathtub to another down the row, the temperatures of the water will progressively get warmer.

While you are in the onsen, do not put in the towel or wash your body in the bathtubs for sanitary reasons.  Also, always rinse your body and feet before getting into each bathtub.

6) Different types of bath

Soda spa 

(38.5 to 39.5 degrees celsius)

The water is enriched with a high concentration of natural carbon dioxide which can help increase blood oxygen levels, improve blood circulation and reduce high blood pressure.

Silk bath

(38.5 to 39.5 degrees celsius)


It's hot water that contains large amounts of microbubbles containing hydrogen and these tiny bubbles give the water a silky texture. This bath helps to relax the muscles and alleviates rheumatic and arthritic aches. It will also help to nourish body tissues, tighten the skin and improve skin elasticity.

Bubble bath

(38.5 to 39.5 degrees celsius)


The bubble bath has a layer of surfactant form that floats on top and its water is infused with nutrients of carefully balanced minerals which are imported all the way from Japan.

Jet bath

(39.5 to 41 degrees celsius)


This bathtub sends out full-body jet streams of air that can help to stimulate blood circulation. 

Hot bath

(41 to 44 degrees celsius)

Soaking in a hot bath helps to relief joints and muscular tension and improve blood circulation.

Cold bath

(17 to 19 degrees celsius)


When you switch from the warm baths to the cold ones, your senses will suddenly be more awakened. And this form of cold therapy can tighten the skin as well.

7) Shower, again!

It is recommended that you soak in the baths for about 20 to 30 minutes or so but not too long as you might start to feel giddy afterwards. Shower once more before you leave the onsen area and put on your yukata. 

You can proceed to rest in the lounge area and check out their cafes. You can also go for a massage right after taking a bath. 


I hope it's not too confusing but once you get the hang of it, you will know what to do when you are visiting an onsen next time. Just remember to be considerate at all time as this is a public bath area. 

Also, no mobile phones or computer devices are allowed in the dressing room. But you can use them in the cafe or lounge area where there is also complimentary wi-fi with unlimited access. 


Their spa treatment rooms are one-of-a-kind as they have walls that curves inwards at the four corners of the room. It gives off this peaceful and harmonious vibe.

I would be visiting Yunomori Onsen again to try out the facilities so if you would like to find out more, do visit my blog again!


Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Kallang Wave Mall
1 Stadium Place
Singapore 397628
(Take escalator near the exit of Fairprice up to level 2; Carpark B Area 3/4)

Tel: 6386 4126 / 6385 7985

Operating hours: 10 am to 11pm

Visit Yunomori Onsen website for more information and follow their Facebook page for more updates.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Botáni : Natural Skincare for Oily and Troubled skin


Hi, Glitzies! Recently, I've been using this brand of skin care products called Botáni which has been working really well on my skin that I would have to write about it and share it with you guys. I think this brand of products works really well for my oily combination skin type and it's a safe product to try it too.

As I'm inching closer and closer to the ideal lifestyle of living consciously, I am slowly drawing myself towards skincare products that have a simple ingredient list of natural ingredients. Nothing is too complicated here and very few chemicals were added. Somehow, my skin is started to accept such products better than those which has a list of other ingredients which I knew nothing about being added into.

What makes Botáni suitable for those eco-conscious individuals, like myself?

It uses 100 % plant active ingredient. It's also vegan-friendly and an ideal skin formula for all seasons
The product formula is also bio-compatible with human skin. In addition, it contains no artificial fragrances, colours, petrochemicals or mineral oils.

I actually won these products through an Instagram contest organized by Love Organics and they gave me the products that suit my current skin condition and here're the products they sent to me:

1) Botani Exfoliating 2 in 1 Scrub and Mask
2) Botani Olive Skin Serum
3) Botani Soothing Facial Mist


Botani Exfoliating 2 in 1 Scrub and Mask

This scrub-cum-mask product is an ingenious way of combining the two products together. Firstly, you spread the product evenly across your skin then you leave it for about 5 minutes till your skin feels taut. Next, you wet your hands and wash the mask-scrub off with a circular motion to exfoliate the skin. Since this scrub can be used daily, you can apply this mask on a daily basis too. And your skin is going to feel extra smooth.

This scrub really get rids of the blackheads and unwanted substances on my skin. My skin feels cleaner and smoother but somewhat quite dry too. But it isn't bad if you use their Olive skin serum after toner which rehydrates the skin after the intense cleansing step. When your skin is cleansed, it's ready to absorb any other nourishing facial products which will nourish and moisturize the skin.

The scrub contains jojoba oil spheres that gently exfoliates the skin without harming the environment. It also contains a blend of Oat Bran, Australian Bentonite Clay, Rice Flour, Quandong and Olive Squalane.


You could do this while showering and it certainly saves a lot of time. The mask dries up very fast on your skin so you don't have to leave it too long before scrubbing it off.


After the cleansing, you can spritz Botani soothing facial mist that smells of rosewater. It helps to tone the skin and set makeup.


I would usually spritz 4 times across my face and pat the product gently into the skin till everything is absorbed. After that, I would use Botani olive skin serum as a moisturizer too, just before going to bed.


Botáni Olive Skin Serum

This serum contains 99% squalene derived from cold pressed organic olives. Squalene is a natural form of moisturiser and antioxidant which is also found naturally in our skin. The human skin contains up to 12 to 13% of squalene. It oxygenates skin cells which thereby accelerates cell growth.

Initially, I thought it might have a similar consistency to olive oil and I was worried that it might be too oily for my skin. However, it turns out to have this light and non-oily formulation which quickly absorbs into the skin. So I started using the serum as a moisturizer and it leaves this satin-like feel on my skin every time I use it.

When applied underneath makeup as a primer, it gives a nice radiant glow. This formula is just about right - not too oily for the skin and doesn't cause my skin to have more clogs or breakouts. In fact, after using this serum, my skin became less dry.

I use about 2 drops and warm it in my hands first before pressing and tapping gently onto my face and eye area. Then I will gently massage the product into my skin till its fully absorbed.

This product is ideal for those individuals who are exposed to high levels of humidity, heating, and air conditioning.


Squalene (olive), Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), Vitamin E and Lecithin

Just 4 simple ingredients!


I highly recommend this skin care to those with sensitive skin and for any eco-conscious individuals out there who wants to try out natural skincare brands which are effective.


Have you tried Botani products before? Let me know what you think of their products!

For more information, you can surf their website:

You can purchase online through Love Organic's website too. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Why Your White Toilet Paper Is Toxic


Have you wondered what goes into making a piece of tissue? They aren't just made up of paper pulp. Some tissues have chemicals added like Optical Brightening Agents that makes the tissue paper appear artificially white! Some contain chlorine and other bleaching agents which enter our skin and cause irritations to some people who are allergic to some of these chemicals. 

Even though we don't technically consume toilet paper, our skin come into contact with tissues more than once a day!

This is definitely news to me and I'm glad to try out tissues by PurSoft brand which produces soft tissues that free of such undesirable chemicals. 


Their facial and bathroom tissues are designed with a thicker ply and thus reducing the need to use more sheets of tissue. The tissues are made up of a unique blend of 100% virgin pulp fibres which made it soft to touch and thick enough to resist against paper-tear. 

PurSoft also produces scented tissues like their Green Tea scented 4-play bathroom tissues that are infused with premium green tea fragrance. The scent also diffuses throughout the bathroom and it acts like an air freshener to introduce a pleasant smell to my bathroom. However, the scent gets lighter each day as it diffuses throughout the bathroom. 


The materials that go into making PurSoft's products are responsibly sourced and certified by Forest Stewardship Council. To attain the Forest Management certification (which is a trusted certification by NGOs), not only the materials need to be sourced from responsible forest sources but also has to pass the Chain of Custody certification standards which traces the wood from forests through all the stages of processing and distribution to the end-user. 


It did put me at ease to know that my family and I are using tissues without any harmful chemicals in it and many thanks to PurSoft for their commitment towards protecting the environment and producing safe tissue products for all. 

Besides paying attention to the food we eat, the products we use also matters a lot. Let's be a little more conscious of what we eat and use every day.


Pursoft's tissues include bathroom tissues, facial box tissues, and facial tissue travel pack. Prices range from $2.00 to $7.45 per pack. They are available at all leading supermarkets in Singapore from April 2016 onwards.


For a limited period of time from April to May 2016, customers who purchase $10 worth of PurSoft products can receive $2 off instantly at NTUC FairPrice Online or NTUC FairPrice outlets with the PurSoft voucher. 

You could also get a FREE PurSoft 3 ply (50 sheets) Travel pack sample here.

My Fruity Hairdo in Romantic Rose Gold



I just did the craziest thing ever.

I went back to Hairtistry and decided to get creative. So I got my hair stylist, Tonny, to add some fruit juices into his 'paint bowl' as I wanted a more natural hair colour.

 He mixed in some organic red dragon fruit juice into the hair dye.

Want to see my organic dragon fruit-inspired hairdo?




In my line of work, I can't get too creative with my hair colours so I decided to tone down my hair colour slightly in fear that my bosses might hunt me down with a knife the next day.

And I am just thankful that my hairstylist, Tonny, wasn't mad at me. In fact, the current hair colour I had turned out to be even better than the previous one I had.


He didn't exactly dye my hair to black or darker shades of brown but he cleverly added hues of pink to tone down my hair colour.


For a moment, I really thought I was going to have bright pink-coloured hair like this Friendship pony called Pinkie Pie.

The only day which I ever want to have pink hair is the day I turned 80 and no one cares the way I look anymore.

Before I turned Pinkie Pie, Tonny washed my hair so that the colour only stays on slightly my hair to give it this rosy hue to my current hair colour.


Want to see how it turns out?

I couldn't have imagined that my hair would have turned out so lovely. It's more of a rose gold colour that really brings out my fair skin tone. It's so much feminine and soft.


He styled up my hair by blowing in some curls and I looked really 'Korean' then. It's amazing how much a hairstyle can change the outlook and persona of a person. Colouring your hair is like adding makeup on your face except that it's more long-lasting and you don't have to 'remove the hair colour' before going to bed.


Here's a closer shot of my new hairdo!


It's definitely a shade toner than before and I really like how the tinge of pink enhances the three-dimensional effect of the curls.


I think this colour would turn out really beautifully on those with long hair.

I'm actually planning to keep my hair long again as I would really like to experiment with the current Balayage hair colour trend. With longer hair, I can get beautiful curls too. 


Proper hair care is crucial at this stage so I actually bought a bottle of Goldwell's Kerasilk colour shampoo from the salon to protect my hair colour as well as to nourish my hair. Thankfully, my hair is still soft and smooth from the previous Keratin treatment and it did not turn frizzy at all after colouring. I highly recommend using this shampoo and smells really pleasant too.


What do you think of my hair colour? Yay or nay?

Also, read about my previous visits to Hairtistry:
My Short Hairdo

5 Tampines Central 6, #01-10 Telepark, Singapore 529482

Operating Hours: 10:30am to 8:30pm (Mon – Fri); 10:30am to 7pm (Sat, Sun and Public Holiday)

Call 67899366 or SMS/Whatsapp to 81450111 to book your appointment.

Check out their Instagram and Facebook Page.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Sacred Womb

"The secrets of a woman lies in her womb."

If not for this TCM Womb care workshop which I've attended a week ago, I wouldn't have known the importance of our womb. Did you realise that it's one part of the body which is unique only to women? The womb is what makes a woman and sometimes underlying health problems are related to  the womb.

What makes a woman, a woman?

The heart of our womb. 


I was at Supreme Q.X Beauty spa, founded by Dato Icemichelle Chen, to attend their womb care workshop as well as to try their TCM Womb care therapy session which is actually a womb care meridian point therapy. Initially, I thought that such therapies are for ladies who were once pregnant before or needed help to heal their health issues related to the womb. Little did I know that the womb care could actually benefit women even in their early twenties too. 

Menstruation problem is one of such issues which are womb-related. Having a gentle massage done at the womb area using TCM meridian point massage techniques can improve the condition of the womb as well as our overall health. 

The womb care therapy has the following health benefits:

- Alleviating menstrual cramps
- Aids in digestion
- Improve ovary health
- Boost the functions of female reproductive system
- Improve hormone imbalance
- Alleviate symptoms of irregularities of the menstrual cycle, menstral flow and female frustrations.
- Improve acne, pigmentation, and appearances of scars
- Detox
- Flatter tummy 


After the workshop, we tried out the massage which lasted for about 45 minutes long. It is a woman’s health focused massage that uses botanical Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream. The cream is made of 100% Phyto ingredients. Some of the key ingredients include Chasteberry, Fenugreek, Dioscorea, Grape Seed Extract and Geranium oil. 

The massage begins with the back where the therapists did a moxibustion which involves warming up the meridian points and stimulate blood circulation. You will feel a hot sensation the meridians points on your back. 

Next, she did a massage at my womb area and thighs. Some pressure points when pressed had this aching sensation but it was bearable. 

Do you know that, over time, our wombs can sag too as we age and after childbirth? Thus, it is important to keep the muscles supporting the womb strong so that our womb would not weaken and collapse so easily.  It's quite similar to our breasts which will also sag with age. I guess everything just droop downwards with gravity as we age. 

Towards the end of the massage, the therapist did some firm upward strokes on my abdomen region to 'lift' up the womb. Thank goodness she said that my womb was in placed as there were women with wombs which are already shifted slightly.


Overall, the massage was very comfortable and I enjoyed it just as much as a body massage that brings about an increase blood and energy flow to your body. I always feel good after a massage and after the massage, I noticed that my tummy was flatter. I guess it was the circular massage strokes she did at my tummy area to reduce water retention and bloatedness.

I also like the treatment rooms at Supreme Q.X beauty spa where they were all lavishly decorated with royal hues of gold and blue.

After a good massage, I get to enjoy a warm bowl of Chinese dessert and a hot cup of tea.


This therapy must be done across a period of time to witness better results and I am already seeing
a lot of health potential in this form of massage. In fact, I felt that all woman should be doing this womb massage once every now and then. However, such treatments need to be done by trained therapists using safe products and methods to achieve results.

Have you done a womb care massage before? Let me know in the comment box below!


If you would like to try out this therapy, you can now do so at a special price of $79 (one session) only when you quote my blog name 'Deenise Glitz'.

SUPREME Q.X Beauty Spa

Blk 513 Bishan St 13 
#01-510 Singapore 570513
(opposite CPF Board Building)

Tel:+65 6358 3029
Fax: +65 6356 7137