Thursday, August 27, 2015

CocoLife : Nuts About Coconuts


Coconut water has been dubbed as 'nature's sports drink'. It contains less calories, less sodium and more potassium than a regular sports drink. These minerals are needed to replace the electrolytes in our body as we tend to lose mineral-rich fluid through sweat during exercise.

Coconut water is hyped up with the introduction of the eat-clean and stay-fit movement that got our whole nation getting really active. When everyone discovered the benefits of coconut water, the shelves were wiped out, literally. I mean, why am I surprise? I don't have to buy a coconut and cut it open with all my might anymore when I can get its pure juice straight from the nut, just like how Cocolife did it.


330 ml of pure Coconut water

Though coconut water extracted straight from the fruit itself tasted fresher, I still find it much easier to grab a chilled packet of coconut water and enjoy it while I am on the go. Besides, it costs me only $1.50 per packet to enjoy all these goodness from nature.

You could also jazz up your coconut water by infusing in some slices of fruits. I added slices of peaches with a tablespoon of chia seeds in mine.


The power in nature can be pretty stunning. Stay healthy and go 'coco'!

See you Coco Life at Soulscape! I might need more coconut water for this Mega Yoga event happening on 12 September as I will be attending several yoga workshops and other activities.

Coco Life is available at major supermarkets and selected convenience stores.

Green Products by method : Americana Collection (Limited Edition)


I am excited to be introducing another green product made by a green company, method, that creates eco-friendly cleaning products that saves the earth and works way more effective than a bottle of sodium hypochlorite. These vibrant-designed bottles adds a nice pop of colour in your bathrooms too. I am pretty sure you would be enticed to stay clean more with these great-smelling products.

They have recently launch their Limited Edition Americana Collection in Desert Lily which consisted of the body wash, foaming hand wash and gel hand wash. This collection is inspired by America’s diverse landscape—coastal redwood, southern peach and desert lily. The scent, which is made using a mixture of essential oils and synthetic ingredients, is slightly sharp which really helps to invigorate your senses but it has a mild sweet undertone to calm the senses.  

One stunning fact about the product is their biodegradable formulas which are free of dirty ingredients like parabens, phthalates, triclosan, EDTA or animal by-products. These dirty ingredients are so-called 'dirty' because it contaminates the environment and causes harm to both the earth and us humans. Ito try their cleaning agent products like detergents and other home cleaning products. 

Method also uses recyclable bottles made with 100% recycled plastic (PCR) which is a great green initiative here to be supported of. Wouldn't it be great if one day companies could all come together and operate by such green initiatives that promotes sustainability? We would not only save the earth but also become more caring and mindful about ourselves, others and our surroundings. I envisioned it to be a kinder world filled with peace-loving people.


I personally enjoy using the body wash a lot as its fragrance is really uplifting and it is gentle on the skin. The ingredients are stated clearly on their website with some information about the source of each ingredient and it is good for us consumers to know roughly how each chemical in the bottle would impact our health and body. These people against dirty are coming clean with us, as well. What's in it? They've got nothing to hide.

Limited Edition Americana Collection: 

Body Wash (532ml) - $9.95 

Foaming Hand Wash (300ml) - $6.95

Gel Hand Wash (354ml) - $5.95

Method’s Limited Edition Americana products are available at the following retail outlets:
Cold Storage (Selected products only), Isetan Singapore and Meidi-Ya Singapore

Stay green and clean.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Healthy Stash from @My Life Inc.


I received this stash way before in July, right after I came back from my Japan Trip.TEAISM has just launched a new flavour - Cranberry Apple Tea and I get to sip this tea along with other goodies from My Life Inc. Teatime is gonna be interesting!


Freeze-dried fruit chips is tops my list of guilt-free snacks. It's like eating a whole fruit itself except that it tasted cripsy. If you haven't tried it for yourself, goVida freeze-dried fruit is your best bet. It will be a good topping for granola yoghurt parfait.


I've now tried several brands of freeze-dried fruit chips and to be honest, all tested as good! Besides goVida, you could try the ones from Pronature.


TEAISM has now grown bigger with their wider range of tea brews!


I wouldn't recommend it as a sweet summer drink but perhaps a Christmas seasonal tea where its bright redness in the tea. 


Intelligent Nutrients has been my favourite brand of lipgloss ever since I started using them! It's lightly tinted and guess what? It is edible!


This handmade chocolate is for the brave adventurous soul who likes to try something a little fanciful like Chili and lime chocolate. It isn't exactly to my liking because of its peppery after-taste but if you are a chili lover, you might just want to give it a try. Isn't it perfect for wedding gatecrashers too? Getting the bridegroom and their brothers to finished up this chili chocolate made in England would definitely up the game.


This makes a quirky gift for tea lovers or modern fashionistas who enjoys sipping on Earl Grey. It's way cooler to be drinking tea brewed with fresh tea leaves than tea bags.


For more health and lifestyle products, visit MyLifeInc online store at: